b'RestorativesCompositesRestorePLUSA High-Performance Nano Hybrid forsuperb results every restoration.A universal composite offering excellent wearresistance and aesthetics. A top performingcomposite with excellent handling characteristics.Available as a kit containing 4 x 4g syringes (A1,A2,A3,A3.5), 1 x 5ml PerfectEtch,1 x 5ml Connect+ bonding adhesive & 10 etch tips. Flexural Strength 130MPa.Compressive Strength 300MPa. Capsules 20 x 0.25gSuitable for:A1 010/1730 A4 010/1738Anterior and posterior cavities A2 010/1732 B2 010/1740 Classes l, ll, lll, lV & V A3 010/1734 C2 010/1744Direct laminate veneers A3.5 010/1736 BW 010/1746Core build-upsFractured laminate veneer and porcelain repairs Syringe 4gRoot caries and defects A1 010/1700 B2 010/1710A2 010/1702 C2 010/1714A3 010/1704 BW 010/1716A3.5 010/1706 Universal010/1725A4 010/1708 OpaqueKitKit 010/1718RestorePLUS FlowAn advanced light curing, nano hybrid flowable composite offering superb aesthetics and usability.Exceptional handling provides control and ease of useSyringe 2g & 5 Tipscombined with high levels of strength for excellentA1 010/1080wear resistance and high elasticity for durable, longA2 010/1081lasting restorations. A3 010/1082Unlike many flowable composites, RestorePLUS Flow A3.5 010/1083is radiopaque. A4 010/1084Suitable for:Minimally invasive cavity restorationsClass III and V anterior restorations involving E-Flow Flowable Tipscervical caries and wedge-shaped defects Black. 0.9mm, G20Class I and II posterior Pack of 50 010/1054Deciduous restorations Pack of 100 010/105510 Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com'