b'ImpressionImpressPLUS Wash ImpressPLUSVinyl polysiloxane material with excellent tearBite Registrationstrength to maintain impression integrity on removal. Light body yellow, Can be used for bite registration, a quick die for medium body buff temporary inlays and onlays, copying transfersand monophase and primary impressionspurple.with bite trays. 2 x 50ml cartridges, Light blue.6 disposable tips 2 x 50mland 6 intra oral tips. cartridges and6 disposableRegular Set Fast Set tips.Working Time: 2.00 minWorking Time: 1 min Time in the mouth: 2.30 min Time in the mouth: 2 minSet Type Working Time Time in mouth CodeSet Type Code Set Type Code Regular 1.30 min 3 min 010/1350Light Body 010/1360 Light Body 010/1362 Fast 0.40 min 1 min 010/1352Medium Body 010/1370 Medium Body 010/1372 Super Fast 0.30 min 0.45 min 010/1354Monophase Body 010/1380 Monophase Body 010/1382ImpressPLUS Putty ImpressPLUS A dark blue A-silicone putty used to take preciseTray Materialand accurate impressions. 300ml base& 300ml catalyst Heavy bodied trayand 2 scoops. material to be used asa putty alternative. 2 x 50ml cartridgesand 6 disposable tips.Set Type Working Time Time in mouth Code Set Type Working Time Time in mouth CodeRegular 2 min 2.30 min 010/1300 Regular 2 min 2.30 min 010/1390Fast 1 min 2 min 010/1302 Fast 1 min 2 min 010/1392Articulation Disposable TipsPack of 50 tips.Articulating Paper& ForcepsA super sensitive articulating paper for marking every point of articulation. The paper is smooth, soft and non-sticking providing accurate articulations.Disposable Tip Ratio CodeGreen Tips 1:1 010/1220Yellow Tips 1:1 010/1222Blue Tips (fine) 1:1 010/1226Paper Microns Sheets Code Pink Tips 1:1 010/1228Horseshoe Red/Blue 71 microns 6 x 12 sheets 002/0004 Blue/Orange Tips 4:1 010/1230Combi Red/Blue 63 microns 12 x 12 sheets 002/0005Thin Blue 71 microns 12 x 12 sheets 002/0006 Forceps Code Intra Oral Tips CodeThick Blue 79 microns 12 x 12 sheets 002/0007 Stainless Steel 009/3051 100 Tips 011/008510 Email sales@perfectionplus.comwww.perfectionplus.com'