b'ImpressionRetraction CordRetractPLUS A non-impregnated braided retraction cord for use alone or with solution. Length 300cm.Gingival retraction paste Manufactured using 100% bleachedHaemostatic blue-green acidic paste contains aluminium chloride whichabsorbent cotton.is an effective astringent ensuring easy temporary displacement of the gingival margin. Fast acting to ensure a clean and dry sulcus with precise bent tips to ensure precise and accurate application. Used for impression taking, cementation or cavity preparation. Can be used as an alternative or in conjunction with a retraction cord. Product Code2 x 2g Syringe & 12 Application Tips 010/1024Size Code0 010/00401 010/00412 010/0042Impression Trays1-2-3 Trays Disposable Impression TraysTrays for simultaneous crown andStrong, rigid tray for use in impression procedures. bridge impressions. Perforated for excellent retention of impression material. Box contains 25 trays and 1 metal autoclavable handle.Uses Pack Size CodeAnterior 32 011/2000Quadrant 36 011/2001 Uses CodeFull Arch 28 011/2002 Upper Edentulous Large No.3 011/3001Posterior 36 011/2003 Lower Edentulous Large No.4 011/3002Sideless 48 011/2004 Upper Edentulous Average No.5 011/3003Lower Edentulous Average No.6 011/3004Upper Dentate Large No.11 011/3005Lower Dentate Large No.12 011/3006Plastic Impression TraysUpper Dentate Average No.13 011/3007Lower Dentate Average No.14 011/3008Upper Dentate Orthodontic No.15 011/3009with Handles Lower Dentate Orthodontic No.16 011/3010Upper Dentate Small No.17 011/3011Perforated impression Uses Code Lower Dentate Small No.18 011/3012trays with plastic handle. Upper Large 011/3030 Upper / Lower Anterior No.20 011/3013Pack of 25 trays. Lower Large 011/3031 Upper / Lower Half Tray No.21 011/3014Upper Medium 011/3032 Upper / Lower Half Tray No.22 011/3015Lower Medium 011/3033Upper Small 011/3034Lower Small 011/3035 Product CodePartial UR/LL 011/3036 Metal Handles Pack of 10 011/3020Partial UL/LR 011/3037Lower Anterior 011/3038Alginate Fix II Tray AdhesiveMixing Bowl 2 x 14ml bottles of paint-ontray adhesiveProduct Code CodeBlue 011/4300 010/2010Email sales@perfectionplus.comwww.perfectionplus.com 11'