b'RestorativesGlass Ionomers PerfectAlloy Amalgam Capsules40% SilverP+ Fill Single Phased Atomised Alloy with reduced mercury content. Self-activating capsules A fast setting water-mix glass ionomer aestheticcomprising of a mixture of atomised and irregular filling material offering high levels of mechanicalshaped particles and regular speed set. Metal strength and hardness as well as excellent adhesion,composition: 40% Silver, 31% Tin, 29% Copper.combined with ease of handling.Indicated for Class III & V cavities. Offers high1 Spill Pk 50 010/0061wear and erosion resistance for durable, superior1 Spill Pk 500 P010/0082restorations. 2 Spill Pk 50 010/0062 NON GAMMA 22 Spill Pk 500 010/00833 Spill Pk 50 010/00633 Spill Pk 500 010/008444.5% SilverSelf-activating capsules utilising the latest sachet mercury releasing technology.10g Powder Metal composition: 44.5% Silver, 30% Tin, 25.5% Copper.Light Yellow 010/1531Universal 010/1532 1 Spill Pk 50 010/0028Light Grey 010/1533 1 Spill Pk 500 010/00642 Spill Pk 50 010/0029 NON GAMMA 22 Spill Pk 500 010/0065Everest 3 Spill Pk 50 010/00303 Spill Pk 500 010/0066A radiopaque glass ionomer restorative material for use in the posterior region aesthetics are an important factor. 70% SilverOffering high compressive strength and excellent100% liquid atomised. Particle shape and size are biocompatibility, combined with ease of use as nocarefully balanced to provide outstanding handling need to etch or bond.and physical characteristics. Metal composition: The material matches70% Silver, 18% Tin, 12% Copper. enamel fluorescence and has superb translucency. It1 Spill Pk 50 010/0032can also be used as a pit and1 Spill Pk 500 010/0067fissure sealant or as a base2 Spill Pk 50 010/0033 NON and lining material. 2 Spill Pk 500 010/0068 GAMMA 215g Powder and 6ml Liquid 3 Spill Pk 50 010/00343 Spill Pk 500 010/0069A2 010/1601Small Equipment Perfect+ LED05 Light Curing Unit AmalgamatorWireless curing light for use with all light-cureD650materials.Touchpad selectorIt has 2 rechargeable battery units.Accepts all capsulesOperates in 3 curing modes - static, pulse orOscillation frequency:ramp, sounds every 10 seconds whilst curing. 4250/min.Light Curing Unit 014/0108 014/0060Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com 11'