b'Finishing & PolishingFinishing & PolishingPoliFlex Plus NEW PoliPop Plus NEWImproved ImprovedAbrasive on one side Easy to use pop-on discs. with an aluminium The metal-free core permitsoxide coating.use of the wholeSuper thin for access abrasive surface.to tooth surface andinterdental polishing. Brass centre for secure attachment to mandrel. Kit - 30 of each disc + Mandrel (240) 005/5000 Kit - 30 of each disc + Mandrel (240) 005/4600Refill Pack 100 Codes below Refill Pack 100 Codes belowMandrels Pack 10 005/5011 Mandrels Pack 10 005/4610Refill 10mm Refill 14mm Refill 10mm Refill 14mmCoarse - Blue 005/5002 Coarse - Blue 005/5007 Coarse - Blue 005/4601 Coarse - Blue 005/4605Medium - Purple 005/5003 Medium - Purple 005/5008 Medium - Purple 005/4602 Medium - Purple 005/4606Fine - Pink 005/5004 Fine - Pink 005/5009 Fine - Pink 005/4603 Fine - Pink 005/4607Ultra-Fine - White 005/5005 Ultra-Fine - White 005/5010 Ultra-Fine - White 005/4604 Ultra-Fine - White 005/4608PoliSTRIPPolyester Finishing StripsThe polishing strips are single coated with aluminium oxide grit.Thin strips with clear central section which makes it ideal for interdental polishing.Each strip has a different grit working end for flexible,4mm x 150mm Ultra-Fine/Fine010/1860 Pack of 50effective polishing. 4mm x 150mm Medium/Coarse010/1861 Pack of 50ImpressionRetractPLUS Retraction CordA non-impregnated Blue-green gingival retraction and haemostatic paste. retraction cord for use alone or with solution. Acidic paste contains aluminium chloride which is an effective astringentLength 300cm.ensuring easy temporary displacement of the gingival margin. Manufactured usingFast acting to ensure a clean and dry sulcus with precise bent tips to ensure100% bleachedprecise and accurate application.absorbent cotton.Used for impression taking, cementation or cavity preparation.Can be used as an alternative or in conjunction with a retraction cord.2 x 2g syringes & 12 application tips.Size Product Code010/1024 0 010/00401 010/00412 010/0042Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com 15'