b'ImpressionImpressPLUSImpressPLUS Wash Tray MaterialHeavy bodied tray materialVinyl polysiloxane material with excellent tearto be used as a putty alternative. strength to maintain impression integrity on removal.2 x 50ml cartridges andLight body yellow, 6 disposable tips.medium body buffand monophasepurple. 2 x 50ml cartridges, Set Type WorkingTime in theCode6 disposable tips Time mouthand 6 intra oral tips. Regular2.00 min 2.30 min 010/1390Fast 1 min 2 min 010/1392Regular Set Fast SetWorking Time: 2.00 minWorking Time: 1 min Time in the mouth: 2.30 min Time in the mouth: 2 minSet Type Code Set Type Code ImpressPLUS AlginateLight Body 010/1360 Light Body 010/1362 An easy to use impression Medium Body 010/1370 Medium Body 010/1372 material used to take basic or first Monophase Body 010/1380 Monophase Body 010/1382 impressions. This dust-free, fast set material has a 60 seconds setting ImpressPLUS Putty time in the mouth. 450g bag.A dark blue A-silicone putty used to take preciseFast Setting Alginate 010/1295and accurate impressions. 300ml base Fast Setting Chromatic Alginate 010/1296& 300ml catalyst Water and Alginate Measures 010/1297and 2 scoops.Impress-EWashSet Type WorkingTime in theCode An economy fast settingTime mouth impression material. Regular2 min 2.30 min 010/1300 2 x 50ml cartridge andFast 1 min 2 min 010/1302 6 disposable tips.ImpressPLUS WorkingTime in the Time mouthBite Registration 2 min 1.30 minCan be used for bite registration, a quick die forLight Body 010/1282temporary inlays and onlays, copying transfers Medium Body 010/1283and primary impressionswith bite trays. Light blue.2 x 50ml Impress-EPuttycartridges and An economy A-silicone impression 6 disposable material. Available in both Hardtips. and Soft. 300ml base & 300mlcatalyst and 2 scoops.Set Type WorkingTime in theCode WorkingTime in the Time mouth Time mouthRegular1.30 min 3 min 010/1350 2.45 min 2.15 minFast 0.40 min 1.00 min 010/1352Super Fast 0.30 min 0.45 min 010/1354 Soft 010/1280Hard 010/128116 Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com'