b'ImpressionImpression Trays Disposable Impression TraysStrong, rigid tray for use in impression procedures. 1-2-3 Trays Perforated for excellent retention of impression material. Trays for simultaneous crown andBox contains 25 trays and 1 metal autoclavable handle.bridge impressions.Uses Product CodeUses Product Code Pack Size Upper Edentulous Large No.3 011/3001Anterior 011/2000 32 Lower Edentulous Large No.4 011/3002Quadrant 011/2001 36 Upper Edentulous Average No.5 011/3003Full Arch 011/2002 28 Lower Edentulous Average No.6 011/3004Posterior 011/2003 36 Upper Dentate Large No.11 011/3005Sideless 011/2004 48 Lower Dentate Large No.12 011/3006Upper Dentate Average No.13 011/3007Lower Dentate Average No.14 011/3008Plastic Impression TraysUpper Dentate Orthodontic No.15 011/3009Lower Dentate Orthodontic No.16 011/3010with Handles Upper Dentate Small No.17 011/3011Lower Dentate Small No.18 011/3012Perforated impression Upper / Lower Anterior No.20 011/3013trays with plastic handle. Upper / Lower Half Tray No.21 011/3014Pack of 25 trays. Upper / Lower Half Tray No.22 011/3015Metal Handles Pack of 10 011/3020Uses Product Code Uses Product CodeUpper Large 011/3030 Upper Small 011/3034 Fix II Tray AdhesiveLower Large 011/3031 Lower Small 011/3035 2 x 14ml bottles of paint-onUpper Medium 011/3032 Partial UR/LL 011/3036 tray adhesiveLower Medium 011/3033 Partial UL/LR 011/3037Lower Anterior 011/3038 010/2010Disposable TipsEco+Bite Registration Trays Pack of 50 tips.Disposable Tip Product Code RatioUses Product Code Pack Size Green Tips 010/1220 1:1Anterior 095/3500 35 Yellow Tips 010/1222 1:1Quadrant 095/3501 35 Blue Tips (fine) 010/1226 1:1Full Arch 095/3502 30 Pink Tips 010/1228 1:1Posterior 095/3503 50 Blue/Orange Tips 010/1230 4:1Sideless 095/3504 50 Intra Oral Tips 011/0085 100 tipsArticulation Alginate SpatulasArticulating Paper Plastic Spatula White 009/3204A super sensitive articulating paper for Assorted Spatulas Pk 6 009/3205marking every point of articulation. Plastic Spatula Lime 009/3206The paper is smooth, soft and non-sticking providing accurate articulations. Plastic Spatula Light Blue 009/3207Horseshoe Blue/Red 002/0004 71 microns 6 x 12 sheets Plastic Spatula Glitter Blue 009/3208Combi Red/Blue 002/0005 63 microns 12 x 12 sheets Plastic Spatula Green 009/3209Thin Blue002/0006 71 microns 12 x 12 sheets Plastic Spatula Pink 009/3210Thick Blue 002/0007 79 microns 12 x 12 sheets Metal Spatula Straight 009/3013Metal Spatula Curved 009/3014Articulating Paper ForcepsMixing BowlStainless Steel 009/3051 Blue 011/4300Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com 17'