b'Cements & LinersRootPLUS PerfectaLINERoot Canal Sealant Radiopaque CalciumA paste-paste zinc oxideHydroxide Linereugenol cement for useFor capping pulp or with obturation points.providing a protective The cement has excellentlayer under filling materials flow characteristics, isand cements. Self-setting radiopaque and has a 6mto rigid, solid liner that film thickness. does not inhibit the polymerisation of acrylicand compositerestorations.8g Base, 3.5g Catalyst & Mixing Pad 004/0200 13g Base, 11g Catalyst & Mixing Pad 010/0025Zinc Oxide Eugenol Zinc Phosphate CementA radiopaque cement featuring aAdheres to enamel, dentine and non reinforced polymer incorporated into theprecious metals offering a wide range of powder. Suitable as a lining material or asuses. Long working time, short setting a temporary restorative.time.40g Powder, 15ml Liquid Kit 010/0015 45g Powder, 15ml Liquid Kit 010/001640g Powder 010/0019 90g Powder 010/001715ml Liquid 010/0020 30ml Liquid 010/0018Zinc Polycarboxylate Cement Glass Mixing SlabsFlexible mixing properties, can be used as a cement or base. Available in a powder, liquid7 x 7cm 011/9002or water mix. Anhydrous water mix includes9.5 x 7cm 011/900450g powder and a water dispensing bottle. 12.5 x 7cm 011/900690g Powder 010/0021 15 x 7cm 011/900830ml Liquid 010/0022Anhydrous Water Mix 50g Powder 010/0023H2O CemMixing PadsWater mix,glass ionomer,luting cement. Only minimal cavityParchment002/0035 3.5 x 3.5cm - 100 sheets, pack of 12preparation required. Parchment 002/0066 4 x 4cm - 80 sheetsSuperb translucencyfor optimum Parchment 002/0067 7 x 7.50cm - 80 sheetsaesthetics. Parchment 002/0036 10 x 12.5cm - 300 sheetsCoated002/0038 7.5 x 7.5cm - 100 sheetsCoated 002/0034 7 x 9.5cm - 70 sheetsCoated 002/0032 15 x 15cm - 100 sheetsCoated 002/0033 23 x 15cm - 100 sheetsTransparent 002/0160 7 x 7.5cm - 100 sheets30g Powder 010/1550 Transparent 002/0170 10 x 12.5cm - 100 sheets18 Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com'