b'Infection ControlProtect+ Self-Seal PET MonotraysSterilisation Pouches Single use plastic tray linersmanufactured fromEasy to open pouches with triple seal end forfully recyclableextra protection. All individual Protect+ Self-SealPET plastic. Sterilisation Pouches contain a sign and date areaTray sizefor an easy auditing process. 183 x 284mm.Colour change confirms sterilisationStrong Triple Seal to prevent contaminationPack of 100 011/4006Pack of 400 011/4008MonotraysSingle use plastic tray liners. Standard tray 183 x 284mm,Mini tray 183 x 140mm. Date of sterilisation10/12/2020SignedSign & datingPacks of 200Burs & Endo 002/5000 57 x 127mm InstrumentsPack of 50 Pack of 400Burs & Endo Holders 002/5001 85 x 165mm Mini White 011/4011 Mini White 011/4013Hand Instruments 002/5002 85 x 253mmStandard Green 011/4020 Standard Green 011/4015& HPs Standard Yellow 011/4021 Standard Yellow 011/4016Multiple Hand 002/5003 135 x 278mmInstruments Standard Blue 011/4022 Standard Blue 011/4017Push Bar Instrument002/5004 190 x 330mm Standard Orange 011/4023 Standard Orange 011/4018Trays Standard Rose 011/4024 Standard Rose 011/4019Full Instrument Tray 002/5006 305 x 420mm Standard Lilac 011/4025 Standard Lilac 011/4009Eco+ Sterilisation PouchesColour indicator to show Tray Lining Papersterilisation has taken place. Absorbent, unwaxed paperBox of 500. for lining instrument trays.Individual sheet size18 x 28cm. Weight 55gsm. Pack of 250.White 002/0012Blue 002/0012B89 x 254mm 002/5030 Green 002/0012G140 x 280mm 002/5031 Lilac 002/0012L190 x 355mm 002/5032 Pink 002/0012PEmail : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com 19'