b'ContentsCOVID-19 Essentials3-6Surgical7Prevention & Oral Hygiene 8-9Restoratives10-13Matrix System14Finishing & Polishing15Impression15-17Cements & Liners18Infection Control19-22X-Ray22Disposables23-24Established in the UK over 40 years ago,Rotary25Perfection Plus is a respected, trusted brandEndodontics26-29used by dental professionals around the world.A truly global company, Perfection Plus isInstruments30-40actively represented in over 50 countries worldwide with a rapidly expanding distributorInstrument Trays41network. Temporary Crowns & Materials42During the unprecedented times of the pastIndex43year, we have continued to adapt and refresh our product portfolio to ensure the Perfection Plus brand effectively services the daily requirements of the dental practice. Our aim isPerfection Plus to always offer quality, reliable and cost effective products that your customers will trust timeEnvironmental%after time. CommitmentWe are proud to offer a comprehensive range of products for the entire dental team ranging fromPerfection Plus is committed to using recycled infection control and everyday consumablesmaterials in the manufacturing of our product packaging wherever possible. We are also through to superior quality restorative materialscommitted to ensuring that our product packaging and high performance hand instruments.is fully recyclable providing it does not have a We also offer a growing range of chiropody anddetrimental effect on product quality. veterinary instruments and burs, details of whichWe are also focussing on introducing biodegradable and recyclable products into our are available on request. range. Look out for the recycling symbol on our You can count on Perfection Plus to be yourpackaging as this shows that this packaging canPerfect Partner! be recycled.2 Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com'