b'Infection ControlMasks Patient Eye ProtectionProtect+Protect+ Face Masks Patient Frame/ShieldLightweight protective frame and shield.3ply Type IIR cotton 1 x autoclavable frame (up to 121C)face masks.& 30 replacement shields withprotective film each side.Highly breathableand comfortable. Pink 011/0064 Green 011/0067BFE98%. White 011/0065 Yellow 011/0069Box of 50. Blue 011/0066 Shields Pk12 011/0071Protect+ Protective GlassesLightweight protective glasses for patient use. 1 x autoclavable frame (up to 121C)& 30 replacement shields withEar Loop Blue 002/0048 protective film each side.Blue 011/0060White 011/0061Transparent Face Masks Green 011/0062Dispenser20 x 12 x 10.5cm Gloves 011/0027 Protect+ Nitrile GlovesNitrile gloves reduce the risk of hypersensitivity associated with latex. Good puncture and abrasion resistance. Excellent grip.Visors Box of 100.X-Small 006/0060Protect+ Small 006/0061Medium 006/0062VisorSet Large 006/0063A premium lightweight,anti-fog visor with Protect+ Glove peelable scratch and Dispenserdust resistant film on Wall mountable, plastic dispenser for each side of the visor.easy individual glove selection.Secure crocodile clipattachment for 011/4600maximum comfortand security. Thicker shields for Eco+ Visor Setexcellent, clear visibility Lightweight visor frame with plasticand superb durability. clip-in attachment.Set contains 1 white frame & 6 shields. Set contains 1 frame & 10 shields.Refill pack contains 12 replacement shields. Blue Set 095/1050TBGreen Set 095/1050GPink Set 095/1050TPWhite Set 011/0050 White Set 095/1050W12 Replacement Shields 011/0051 Yellow Set095/1050Y25 Replacement Shields095/105112 Replacement Shields095/105220 Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com'