b'DisposablesBib Rolls Paper Serviette Bibs50 x 59cm bib with perforated cutBright bibs for vibrant colour. out for neck tie fastening. Roll of 80. Pastel bibs for maximum absorption. 32 x 48cm.White 002/0019 Box of 500.Blue 002/0020Green 002/0021 Bright PastelOrange 002/0028 Lime 002/0063 Blue 002/0060Dark Blue 002/0042 Orange 002/0064 Green 002/0061Dark Blue 002/0076 White 002/0062Maxi PatientBlack 002/0078 Pink 002/0074Paper Apron Fuchsia 002/0079 Lilac 002/0075Greater patient coveragePeach 002/0077with excellent absorption. Width 90cm, length 116cm.Eco+ Serviette BibsRoll of 40 sheets. Available in 2 ply (1 ply paper/ 1 ply barrier) and002/0090 3 ply (2 ply paper/ 1 ply barrier).Box of 500.Blue 2 ply 095/5060Paper Bib RollGreen 2 ply 095/5061Dispenser White 2 ply 095/5062White plastic dispenser forLight Blue 3 ply 095/6000use with paper bib rolls.011/0020Bib Rolls Plastic Serviette Bib Dispenser53 x 81cm bib with perforatedTo fit all Perfection Plus cut out for neck tie fastening.serviette bibs.Thickness 20m.Transparent Blue 011/0025Blue 002/0065 Clear 011/0026Plastic Bib Roll DispensersWhite dispenser for useDisposable Bib with plastic bib rolls. Holders011/0028Metal Bib Chains 2cm x 45cm. Adhesive at each end for easyCrocodile Clip. Autoclavable. and secure bib attachment.White 011/0022 Eliminates need to autoclave bib chains and Blue 011/0023 reduces cross-contamination risk. White. Bib Clip Rubber Box of 250. 002/0089Autoclavable.Blue 011/0031 Silicone Bib ClipRed 011/0032 Latex-free. Autoclavable.Yellow 011/0033Green 011/0034 Red 011/0000Pink 011/0001Bib Clip Curly Blue 011/0002Non-autoclavable. Green 011/0003Yellow 011/0004Blue 011/0030 Assorted Pk 5 011/0006Green 011/0035 Green - Pine Scented 011/0016Red 011/0036 Yellow - Lemon Scented 011/0017White 011/0038 Pink - Vanilla Scented 011/0018Black 011/0039 Blue - Talc Scented 011/0019Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com 23'