b'EndodonticsDental DamDental Dam Kit COVID-19 EssentialYour complete isolation solutionLatex or latex-free, these comprehensive kits contain all that is needed for panoral tooth isolation.The ideal solution for significantly reducing the number of airborne particles created during Aerosol Generating Procedures and effectively sealing the oral cavity.Kit contains:Either 36 sheets of 6 x 6 medium rubber dam or 20 sheets of 6 x 6 medium latex-free dam, metal dental dam frame, dental dam punch, dental dam forceps, set of 7 dental dam clamps - 00, 2, 7, 8, 8A, 9, 14A.Latex-Free Dam Kit 004/0042Latex Dam Kit 004/0040Dental Dam Accessories Dental Dam FramesPlastic 011/0070Latex-Free Dam Metal 009/20376 x 6 blue. 20 sheets.Medium 004/0046 Dental Dam PunchHeavy 004/0047 (Ainsworth Type)5 hole, stainless steel punch.Latex Dam 009/20386 x 6 green. 36 sheets.Thin 004/0032 Dental Dam Clamp Medium 004/0033 ForcepsHeavy 004/0037 009/3272Endo Instrument HoldersEndo Organiser Sets Endo Instruments HolderSterilisation holder with meter and sponge for cleaning.Aluminium, open base 011/0175Rectangular.Plastic, closed base 011/0176011/0181 Replacement Sponges, Thick - 10mm, Pack of 25 011/0177Replacement Sponges, Thin - 5mm, Pack of 50 011/0178Cleaning container with sponge and measurer. Round. Endo Instrument Box011/0182 48 Engine Files 011/018048 Hand Files 011/018526 Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com'