b'Hand InstrumentsPeriodontal Screening Probes Deluxe Hand InstrumentsTwo piece InstrumentsDeluxe is our premium range of hand instrumentsNo. 14W Codemanufactured in sections. The tips are made for optimumRound 015/0110strength and handles for very high corrosion resistance.Octagonal 045/0110Choice of handle shapes available to suit your personal preferences.This is a limited selection of our most popular patterns.CPITN-C CodeOther patterns available on request. Round 015/0104Octagonal 045/0104ProbesCPITN-E CodeRound 015/0114No. 6 Code No. 9 Code Octagonal 045/0108Round 015/0052 Round 015/0054Octagonal 045/0052 Octagonal 045/0054 ScalersHygienist ScalersNo. 8 Code No. 54 Code H4 Code H5 CodeRound 015/0053 Round 015/0051 Round 015/0650 Round 015/0651Octagonal 045/0053 Octagonal 045/0051 Octagonal 045/0650H6 Code H7 CodeNo. 8/9 Code Round 015/0652 Round 015/0653Octagonal 045/0123 Octagonal 045/0652 Octagonal 045/0653No. 11 Briault Code MacFarlane 2/3 CodeRound 015/0050 Round - Firm Grip 015/0725Octagonal 045/0050MacFarlane 4/5 CodeRound - Firm Grip 015/0726No. 5/6 CodeRound 015/0970H6/H7 Hygienist CodeRound - Firm Grip 015/0713Hollow Round 025/0700No. 8W/14W CodeRound 015/0020 S204S Sickle CodeRound - Firm Grip 025/0700DG16 (Explorer Type) Code U15/30 Towner CodeRound 015/0462 Round 015/066028 Email sales@perfectionplus.comwww.perfectionplus.com'