b'COVID-19 EssentialsProtect+ BioFoam Hand SanitiserA naturally derived, alcohol andQuat free foaming hand sanitiser.Highly efficacious, environmentallyfriendly and kind to skin.Manufactured using renewable and sustainable technology, the plant based ingredients are bio-renewable. Fragrance free making it ideal for all health care and food handling environments.Formulated with an emollient and added Aloe Vera, making the foam gentle on skin and leaving hands hydrated, in contrast to alcohol-based hand gels, which strip the skin of moisture causing dryness and cracking following prolonged use.Features BenefitsVirucidal and Bactericidal Renewable and sustainable manufacturing Approved to EN14476 for enveloped viruses,technologyincluding Coronaviruses Plant derived and carbon neutralAlso approved to EN1276 100% readily biodegradableFoam clings easily to hands unlike gels Never tested on animalsDeveloped using technology to minimise irritationPost-consumer recycled bottles to eliminate and prevent drying ensuring hands stay soft andplastic pollutionuncracked Cardboard cases made from 100% recycled No gelling agents avoids leaving hands sticky aftermaterial and fully recyclableuse 100% UK manufacture and supply chainUp to 50% more applications by volume than gels Technology has no aquatic toxicityNon-flammable, requires no special storageManufactured in the UK by Biological PreparationsTo orderLtd and offered exclusively to dental distributors by Perfection Plus 002/0520500ml Pump BottleEmail : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com 3'