b'Hand InstrumentsDeluxe Instruments ProbesNo. 6 R:015/0052No. 9 R:015/0054 Two piece Instruments O: 045/0052 O: 045/0054Deluxe is our premium range of hand instrumentsE:095/0052 E:095/0054manufactured in sections. The tips are made for optimum strength and handles for very high corrosion resistance. Choice of handle shapes available to suit your personalNo. 8 R:015/0053No. 54 R:015/0051 preferences. O: 045/0053 O: 045/0051E:095/0053 E:095/0051Eco+ InstrumentsSingle piece InstrumentsEco+ is a comprehensive range of single piece instruments providing you with quality instruments for great value.R=Round handle O=Octagonal handleNo. 8/9E=Eco+ InstrumentDeluxe Octagonal 045/0123This is a limited selection of our most popular patterns. Please visit our website for the full range.No. 11 BriaultMouth Mirrors & Handles Deluxe Round 015/0050Deluxe Octagonal 045/0050Mirror Handles No. 5/6Deluxe Round 015/0970Round 015/0151Octagonal 045/0150Eco+ Octagonal 095/0150No. 6/8Front Surface Mirror Heads Eco+ Octagonal 095/0055Produce a reflection on the front surface of the mirror and offers incomparable sharpness.No.4 Box 12 011/0008No.5 Box 12 011/0009 No. 2/54No.4 Box 50 011/1020 Eco+ Octagonal 095/0056Eco+ No.4Box 12 011/0202Rear Plane Mirror Heads No. 8W/14WRear surface mirrors have reflective surfacesDeluxe Round 015/0020(through evaporation of aluminium) on the back of the mirror glass.No.4 Box 12 011/0013No.5 Box 12011/0014No.4 Box 50 011/1021 DG16 (Explorer Type)Eco+ No.4Box 12011/0207 Deluxe Round 015/046230 Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com'