b'Hand InstrumentsPluggers BurnishersBlacks 0/1 Code No. 1 CodeOctagonal 045/0312 Round 015/0303Blacks 1/2 Code No. 1L CodeOctagonal 045/0313 Octagonal 045/0304No. 21 CodeRound 015/0305Octagonal 045/0305Surgical InstrumentsScalersPlastic Autoclavable Implant ScalersPack Size CodePack of 4 013/0100Cheek RetractorsPlastic Retractors2 per pack. Autoclavable Austin RetractorCode009/3200Product Code Minnesota RetractorAdult 011/0090 CodeChild 011/0091 009/3202Plastic Retractors with Handle2 per pack. AutoclavableScalpel Blade HandlesProduct Code Product CodeAdult 011/0092 No. 3 Stainless Steel 013/0002Child 011/0093 No. 4 Stainless Steel 013/0003Email sales@perfectionplus.comwww.perfectionplus.com 31'