b'Hand InstrumentsPeriodontal Screening ProbesScalersPlastic Autoclavable Implant ScalersNo. 14WDeluxe Round 015/0110Deluxe Octagonal 045/0110Eco+ Octagonal 095/0110Pack of 4013/0100CPITN-CDeluxe Round 015/0104Deluxe Octagonal 045/0104 Hygienist ScalersEco+ Octagonal 095/0104H4 H5 H6 H7R:015/0650R:015/0651 R:015/0652R:015/0653 O: 045/0650 E:095/0651 O: 045/0652 O: 045/0653E:095/0650 E:095/0652 E:095/0653CPITN-EDeluxe Round 015/0114Deluxe Octagonal 045/0108UNC 15Eco+ Octagonal 095/0772 Jaquette No.1 Jaquette No.2 Jaquette No.3E:095/0656 E:095/0657 E:095/0658TweezersCollege TweezersDeluxe tweezers are non-magnetic with a Satin Finish.Eco+ tweezers are magnetic with a Polished FinishSatin Plain Satin SerratedDeluxe Satin Plain 075/0100Deluxe Satin Serrated 075/0102 Code RingsEco+ Plain 009/3055 For Easy Identification Of InstrumentsEco+ Serrated 009/3059Blue003/5115Brown 003/5120Green 003/5125Locking Grey 003/5130White 003/5140Yellow 003/5145Black 003/5150Deluxe Locking Satin Angled 075/0104 Red 003/5155Deluxe Locking Satin Serrated 075/0106 Pack of 50Eco+ Locking 009/3057 Assorted Pack of 400 003/5110Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com 31'