b'Hand InstrumentsCarversDesigned to trim excess filling material, flesh and overhangs.Hollenbach 3S R: 015/0357E: 095/0357Wards 1 E:095/0359 Osteo Trimmer R:015/0361 O: 045/0361E:095/0361Wards 2 R:015/0360 O: 045/0360E:095/0360 Frahms E:095/0316Hollenbach 3 O:045/0356Le Cron E: 095/0408E: 095/0356Pluggers Cavity Liner ApplicatorDesigned to pack filling materials into cavity preparations. Also useful for minimal intervention dentistry as a small burnisher.Blacks 0/1Deluxe Octagonal 045/0312 Round 015/0475Eco+ Octagonal 095/0312Blacks 1/2Deluxe Octagonal 045/0313Eco+ Octagonal 095/0313SculptPLUSNon-Stick Composite Sculpting BrushesAutoclavable with removable tips, available in 4 different shapes with hard or soft siliconeAutoclavable silicone tips makeReduces finishing and polishing it extremely easy to manipulateprocess timeand sculpt the compositeKit - 2 instruments + 8 Tips 010/1400Replacement Silicone Tips (Hard) 010/1405Replacement Silicone Tips (Soft) 010/141034 Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com'