b'Surgical InstrumentsElevatorsLuxation InstrumentsPreferred Instrument forPerforming Gentle ExtractionsLuxation KitThe presentation boxed Luxation Kit comprisesElevator 3SElevator 3C of four luxation instruments, a straight andStraight Curvedcurved blade version in two different widths, a root pick elevator and a sharpening stone to keep the instruments in perfect condition.Kit Contains:1 each 3S, 3C, 5S, 5C, sharpening stone androot tip pick instrument.Elevator 5S StraightElevator 5C CurvedProduct CodeKit 015/0670Luxation Elevator 3S 015/0671Luxation Elevator 3C 015/0672Luxation Elevator 5S 015/0673Luxation Elevator 5C 015/0674Root Tip Pick Instrument 065/0015 Double EndedSharpening Sharpening Stone Cone 065/0070 Instrument StoneSharpening Stone Rectangular 065/0071Elevators S = Satin Finish HandleCoupland Chisels Cryer Warwick James1 Left Left302 Right Right313 StraightProduct Code Product Code Product CodeNo. 1 065/0000 Left 30 065/0006 Left 065/0010No. 2 065/0002 Right 31 065/0008 Right 065/0012No. 3 065/0004 Straight 065/001434 Email sales@perfectionplus.comwww.perfectionplus.com'