b'Surgical InstrumentsExtraction ForcepsDeluxe ForcepsPerfection Plus Deluxe extraction forceps are manufactured from high grade stainless steel. They have a highly polished finish for aesthetics and corrosion resistance; the knurled handles provide a positive grip and better control.Eco+ ForcepsThe Eco+ version is offering a cost effective alternative, these forceps feature cross hatching on the complete length of the handles.The dentition diagrams illustrate the appropriate pattern to tooth relationship.This is only a small selection of our most popular extraction forceps. Please visit our website for the complete range.Adult PatternsNo 1 No 2 No 7 No 17 No 18Upper Central & Canines Upper Laterals Upper Roots & Bicuspids Upper Molars Right Upper Molars LeftDeluxe 055/0000 Deluxe 055/0002 Deluxe 055/0004 Deluxe 055/0006 Deluxe 055/0008Eco+ 009/2027 Eco+ 009/2028 Eco+ 009/0004 Eco+ 009/0005 Eco+ 009/0006No 22 No 29 No 33 No 51 No 67Lower Molars Upper Roots Lower RootsUpper Roots Upper WisdomsDeluxe 055/0010 Deluxe 055/0012 Deluxe 055/0104 Deluxe 055/0106 Deluxe 055/0018Eco+ 009/3173 Eco+ 009/0029 Eco+ 009/2029 Eco+ 009/0009 Eco+ 009/0010No 73 No 74 No 74N No 75 No 76Lower Molars Lower Roots Small Lower RootsLower Bicuspids Upper RootsDeluxe 055/0020 Deluxe 055/0022 Deluxe 055/0024 Deluxe 055/0025 Deluxe 055/0026Eco+ 009/2030 Eco+ 009/0011 Eco+ 009/0012 Eco+ 009/0013 Eco+ 009/001438 Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com'