b'EconomyConnect-E Eco+Bite Registration Trays5th generation, easy to use bond. Suitable for use onUses Pack Size Codeenamel, dentine, amalgam,Anterior 35 095/3500ceramic surfaces and treatedQuadrant 35 095/3501metals. Kit also contains 5 microFull Arch 30 095/3502applicators and a dappens dish. Posterior 50 095/3503Product Code Sideless 50 095/35045ml Bottle & Accessories 010/1029Eco+ Sterilisation PerfectEtch-EBlueBlue phosphoric Pouchesacid for etchingtooth enamel Colour indicator to show sterilisation has taken place.with 10 disposable Box of 500.tips.Product Code12g Syringe & 10 Tips 010/0090Impress-EWashAn economy fast settingimpression material. 2 x 50ml cartridge and6 disposable tips.Set Type Working Time Time in mouth CodeLight Body 2 min 1.30 min 010/1282Medium Body 2 min 1.30 min 010/1283Impress-EPuttyAn economy A-silicone impression material. Size CodeAvailable in both Hard 89 x 254mm 002/5030and Soft. 300ml base 140 x 280mm 002/5031& 300ml catalyst and 2 scoops. 190 x 355mm 002/5032Eco+ Frame and VisorsSet Type Working Time Time in mouth Code Lightweight visor frame with plastic Soft 2.45 min 2.15 min 010/1280 clip-in attachment. Hard 2.45 min 2.15 min 010/1281Product CodeBlue Frame095/1053BEco+ Prophy Paste Green Frame 095/1053GPot of 300g. Pink Frame 095/1053PWhite Frame 095/1053WGrit Flavour Code Yellow Frame 095/1053YMedium Mint 095/4000 25 Replacement Visors 095/1051Coarse Orange 095/4001 12 Replacement Visors 095/1052Cotton Rolls Eco+ Serviette Bibs100% cotton, non-sterile, tightly bound,Available in 2 ply (1 ply paper/ 1 ply barrier) anddense, super absorbent and lint-free. 3 ply (2 ply paper/ 1 ply barrier).Box of 500.Pack of 1000.Product CodeProduct Code Blue 2 ply 095/5060No. 1 002/2013 Green 2 ply 095/5061No. 2 002/2014 White 2 ply 095/5062Light Blue 3 ply 095/600038 Email sales@perfectionplus.comwww.perfectionplus.com'