b'Crowns & MaterialsTemporary MaterialsTemporary Cavity Filling MaterialA ready to use, high viscosity, radiopaque single paste with excellent marginal adaptation.Provides an impermeable seal. Features a two stage setting mechanism to provide a rapid initial set followed by hardening of the plaster filler.Maximum setting time of 15 minutes.30g Jar 010/0009Crown Removers Crown ScissorsStainless steel withSatin finish.removable weight and 3 tips.085/0000 Straight CurvedStraight 075/0054Curved 075/0056Find out more about what Perfection Pluscan do for you and your customers by visitingwww.perfectionplus.comMarketing and Veterinary LogisticalTraining Support and Chiropody SupportDedicated and bespoke Growing range of veterinary Consolidate your supply chain support package. and chiropody products. and reduce your costs.42 Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com'