b'COVID-19 EssentialsProtect+ Barrier Range Barrier Tubing SleeveFor everyday use in the surgery, providing excellentBox of 250infection control during and between procedures. 55 x 450mm 002/0186By utilising the full Protect+ Barrier range, you can be45 x 450mm 002/0187sure that you are providing the maximum protection to your patients and colleagues, increasing the longevityHandpiece Barrier Sleeveof your equipment by reducing exposure to cleaning chemicals and greatly reducing cross contamination. 38 x 203mm, box of 500002/0188Barrier Film Universal100 x 150mm sheets, 1200 sheets per roll Sensor CoversClear 002/0180 41 x 203mm, box of 500Blue 002/0190002/0189Barrier Film RollFull Chair CoversDispenser 1150 x 1450mm, box of 150002/0191002/0179Half Chair CoversAir Water 838 x 914mm, box of 225Syringe Cover 002/019264 x 250mm, box of 500 Keyboard Sleeves002/0181 550 x 160mm, box of 250002/0193Headrest Covers250 x 280mm, box of 250 PC Mouse Sleeves002/0185 158 x 89mm, box of 500002/0194Protect+ VisorSet Disposable Bib A premium lightweight, anti-fog Holdersvisor with peelable scratch and dust resistant film. Secure crocodile clip2cm x 45cm. attachment for maximum comfort Adhesive at each endand security.for easy and secureShield thickness 0.21mm.bib attachment.Set contains 1 white frame Eliminates need to autoclave bib& 6 shields. chains and reduces cross-contamination risk. White. White Set 011/005012 Replacement Shields 011/0051 Box of 250. 002/00896 Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com'