b'Surgical NeedlesEasiJectSingle Use Sterile Dental Needles Silicone coating substantially reduces pain and tissue traumaTri-bevel point for easy tissue penetration without coringHigh tech steel tube, non-toxic, pyrogenic freeRound cutting edge toprotect the gumAvailable in Non-Metric(Imperial) or Metric ThreadBox of 100More sizes availableon requestImperial Thread27G x 35mm 013/020330G x 12mm 013/020630G x 21mm 013/020830G x 25mm 013/0209Metric Thread27G x 25mm 013/030127G x 35mm 013/030330G x 16mm 013/030730G x 21mm 013/0308Stainless Steel Stainless SteelSelf-Aspirating IntraligamentalSyringe SyringeImperial 1.8ml 013/0033 Imperial 2.2ml 013/0035Imperial 2.2ml 013/0034 Metric 2.2ml 013/0037Metric 1.8ml 013/0036Stainless SteelCartridge Universal Syringe Re-CapperSyringe075/0015Metric 1.8ml 013/0021Metric 2.2ml 013/0023 Suture+Imperial 1.8ml 013/0024Imperial 2.2ml 013/0038Suture+ is a black, braided, wax treated, Stainless Steel Aspirating non-absorbent surgical Syringe silk 577 suture.Gauge 3/0. Length 45cm. 22mm Metric 1.8ml 013/0020 Circle Cutting needle.Metric 2.2ml 013/0022Imperial 1.8ml 013/0025Box of 12 013/0500Imperial 2.2ml 013/0026Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com 7'