b'Prevention & Oral HygieneColour Coded Mouthwash TabletsNylon Brushes Dissolve in water to produce amouth gargle and rinse for effectiveDifferent coloured bristles for easydebris removal during and afteridentification of brush hardness. Thedental treatment. Available inchoice between soft, medium or hard givesfive great flavours or as anmaximum control and precise cleaning andassorted bottle of all flavours.polishing. 1000 tablets.Pack of 50Lemon 010/0039RA Pink - Soft Thymol 010/0043Mint 010/0044Soft 005/1000 Orange 010/0045Medium 005/1001Hard 005/1002 Peppermint 010/0049Purple - Medium Assorted Flavours 010/0048Screw InSoft 005/2001Medium 005/2002 Blue - HardHard 005/2003 Lemon ThymolColour Coded Mint Orange PeppermintPolishing CupsLatex FreeDifferent coloured cups for easy identificationMouthwash Concentrateof hardness. The choice between soft, mediumA super concentrated alcohol and sugar free or hard gives maximum control and precisemouth rinse specifically designed for post cleaning and polishing. treatment use. 100ml bottle.Spearmint 010/0050Pink - Soft Purple - Medium Blue - HardProphySTRIPRA - Pack of 50 RA - Pack of 720 Steel strips for removing tartarActing like miniature scalers, ProphySTRIP removes tartar without Soft 005/5501 Soft 005/6001 abrading enamel. Scaler like edges are formed from punched holes in Medium 005/5502 Medium 005/6002 the stainless steel strip.Only 0.05mm thick for easy interstitial access. Hard 005/5503 Hard 005/6003 Pack contains 10 strips.Screw In - Pack of 50 Screw In - Pack of 720 010/1800Soft 005/5601 Soft 005/6101Medium 005/5602 Medium 005/6102Hard 005/5603 Hard 005/6103Snap On - Pack of 50 Snap On - Pack of 720Soft 005/5701 Soft 005/6201Medium 005/5702 Medium 005/6202Hard 005/5703 Hard 005/6203Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com Email : sales@perfectionplus.com . Web : www.perfectionplus.com 9'