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Perfection Plus Instrument Guarantee

Perfection Plus have been providing a full range of high performance dental instruments for over 40 years. We are passionate about ensuring that every one of our instruments is manufactured to the highest standard and are proud to associate ourselves with quality production and service.

The Perfection Plus range of instruments continues to expand and now includes everything a huge range of patterns of probes, hand scalers and restorative instruments as well as extraction forceps, elevators and needle holders.

Perfection Plus are delighted to provide a warranty for the “Expected Lifetime” of all Perfection Plus and eco+ Instruments. At our discretion we will repair or replace at no charge any product that fails as a result of material defect or poor workmanship.

“Expected Lifetime” of Perfection Plus instruments covers a period of FIVE years following the date of purchase under ordinary use. Perfection Plus Periodontal instruments are covered for a period of TWO years from the date of purchase.

“Expected Lifetime” of eco+ instruments covers a period of TWO years following the date of purchase under ordinary use.

Instruments that show wear from normal use are not considered to be defective and thereby not covered by the warranty.

Failure to follow the recommended Instructions for the care, cleaning and maintenance of the instrument may void this warranty.

Modifying or retipping an instrument will also void this warranty.

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