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PerfectaMAT Kit 1

PerfectaMAT Kit

PerfectaMAT 2 Rings,8 Silicone Tips,100 Matrices & 40 Wedges. Quick, easy and comfortable sectional matrix system. O-ring design with three sizes of sectional matrices and elastic wedges to adapt to each clinical situation. Designed for class II restorations.

PerfectaMAT Matrix System is designed for class II restorations. Sectional

matrices are used for their convexity and thinness of only 0.05mm allowing

good restorative build up and tight contact points. The system is quick, easy,

and comfortable for the patient due to the ring replacing the conventional

matrix holder systems. Sectional matrices come in 3 sizes S/M/L to fit all clinical

situations. Compatible with both PerfectaWEDGE wooden & PerfectaWEDGE elastic.

2 Rings,8 Silicone Tips,100 Matrices & 40 Wedges.

Weight 1 g